Teach Yourself Chinese- PDF book by H.R . Williamson (1923)

Teach Yourself Chinese (1923) 

Teach Yourself Chinese by  H.R  Williamson


Much of the world’s progress in mutual understanding and co-operation depends on -our being able to understand one another’s speech, and on our acquaintance with each other’s literature. 

With the idea of contributing a little towards these worthy objectives, I have prepared this short introduction to the language of the Chinese people, many of whom I have learned to respect, and whose culture I greatly admire. I am conscious of many imperfections in the work, which has been prepared mainly in the course of long journeys.

I am greatly indebted to many friends who have co-operated with me in preparing the book for publication. Such include Mr. and Mrs. Su Cheng of the Chinese section of the B.B.C. who, with other Chinese co-workers there, have helped with the Chinese translation of the dialogues. In addition, Mr. Su has written the whole of the Chinese characters at the end of the book. Professor Edwards of the School of Oriental Studies has given me many helpful suggestions, and I have found Mr. Simon’s book on the Study and Writing of Chinese Characters most useful. 

The Rev. A. J. Gamier, formerly General Secretary of the Christian Literature Society for China, has rendered generous help in the reading of the proofs. He has also prepared the valuable Dictionary and Character Index at the end of the volume. I owe much also to my wife and daughter Evelyn for work on the manuscript itself.

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