Seven Roman Statesmen of the later republic (1902): The Gracchi. Sulla. Crassus. Cato. Pompey. Cæsar

Seven Roman Statesmen of the later republic: 

Seven Roman Statesmen of the later republic


There are several general histories of the decline and fall of the Boman Republic, dealing with its political and constitutional aspects.

This little book is not a history, hut a series of studies of the leading men of the century, intended to show the importance of the personal element in those miserable days of storm and stress. It is thus, I think, that their true meaning is best brought out.

It is a pleasant duty to express the gratitude which I owe to my friend Mr. J. Wells, of Wadham College, for having been good enough to read through my proofs and to make a great number of valuable suggestions, which I have done my best to carry out. I have also to thank the Authorities of the British Museum Coin-Room (and especially Mr. G. F. Hill) for the kindness with which they aided me in selecting the Boman coins for my three plates of illustrations.

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