Rational philosophy in history and in system (1858) PDF book by Alexander Campbell Fraser

Rational philosophy in history and in system : an introduction to a logical and metaphysical course by Alexander Campbell Fraser

Rational philosophy in history

Excerpt from the book preface:

The Lecture read by me this winter, at the commencement of the Academical Course, is here expanded, in the form of a Tract on Philosophical Method, in which principles, then announced in a very general way, are more fully unfolded. A few references are also given to the literature of Philosophy. These are easily multiplied. Most of the books referred to are in the ordinary reading of a philosophical student.

They are here introduced to bring the reader immediately under influences, more fitted than any words of mine, to awaken the condition of mind in which the theme of this little work should be weighed. I was led to believe that the finger-posts which I have here tried to erect, on the confines of Rational or Intellectual Philosophy, might help one who is entering that region, in his search for answers to questions about the kind of study pursued there, it's the past and present condition, the aims, and contents of Logic and Metaphysics, as philosophical sciences, their internal relations, as well as their connexion with one another, with the intellectual history of man, and with an abatement of the error and ignorance by which that history is disfigured.

These are questions that arise in the mind of the considerate student, and to which, in the present confused state of logical and metaphysical literature in this country, it is not easy for him to find answers. I place this Tract, accordingly, within the reach of my own students, as a provisional substitute for a syllabus or outline of the Course which I am endeavoring to mature, in a region where maturity must belong sought for, and late in its appearance.

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