History of Greek philosophy (1923) by B. A. G. Fuller, PDF book

History of Greek philosophy 

History of Greek philosophy

Excerpt from the author's introduction:

To add another to the numerous histories of Greek Philosophy available in English may seem uncalled for and imprudent, if not downright impertinent. The books already at hand are excellent, and, it would appear, sufficient.
 The more detailed and critical are standard and exhaustive works of reference and of advanced instruction; the shorter and the more concise serve to aid and refresh the memory, or to give an accurate small scale map, easily readable to the practiced or interested eye. 
But the fact remains that however invaluable they may be to one already familiar with the subject, or born with a natural bent for it and therefore quick to understand its problems and tolerate its terminology, they prove too learned, too technical, or too bloodless and in the nature of a text-book, for the use and pleasure of the "general reader." They are apt to give merely the plan without the panorama which infuses it with color and shape and animation. Or else they confuse the untrained observer with the spectacle of the novelty, the wealth, the tropical luxuriance of a vast and incredible landscape teeming with the strange forms of a monstrous fauna and flora, in which everything familiar seems turned topsy-turvy. And in either case, they assume, deliberately or unconsciously, previous knowledge of philosophy, or an already awakened flair for philosophic imaginings and speculations such as shall prepare the reader to follow with sympathy and understanding minute and elaborate discussions, or at least enable him to make the often over-dry bones of rapid and highly condensed accounts live.

Content of the book:

I. What is philosophy? ........ 1 ii. Greek religion .......... 19 iii. The school of Miletus, the first philosophers 76 iv. Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans ..... 103 v. Heracleitus ........... 118 vi. The Eleatic school ......... 143 vii. The pluralists .......... 180 viii. Summary ............ 255 appendix I. Chronological table ...... 269 ii. Bibliography ......... 279

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