History of the caliphs (1881) by al-Suyūṭī Translated by Henry Sullivan Jarrett,

History of the caliphs (1881)  by al-Suyūṭī Translated by Henry Sullivan Jarrett,

the caliphs

Abū al-Faḍl ‘Abd al-Raḥmān ibn Abī Bakr ibn Muḥammad Jalāl al-Dīn al-Khuḍayrī al-Suyūṭī; aka Jalaluddin; an Egyptian scholar, historian, and jurist. From a family of Persian origin, he was described as one of the most prolific writers of the Middle Ages Born: October 3, 1445, Cairo, Egypt Died: October 18, 1505, Cairo, Egypt

Extensive as is the reputation of as Suydti as a distinguished author and scholar, and unsurpassed for the number and range of the works which in every branch of literature known to his age, his unwearied pen never ceased to produce, we are indebted to the malice or envy of but one of his contemporaries and to his own testimony, for the few details of his life and studies that we possess. Reference to one or other of his multitudinous volumes is made by writers of his own and succeeding times where the kindred subject of which they treat naturally calls for it, but only one contemporary biographical notice of him besides his own is extant. To these, I shall presently refer. Haji Khalifah, at the close of his Lexicon, gives a detailed list of as Suyuti's works, prefaced by a column of laudatory epithets which have less the ring of sincere admiration than of conventional panegyric, yet his wonder or his envy might well offer the incense of adulation to the astonishing author of five hundred and four volumes. Quranic exegesis, Tradition and its cognate subjects, jurisprudence, philology, rhetoric, prose, and poetical composition, the phenomena of nature, curiosities of literature, discourses on social questions, criticism, history, biography, all these were fields not too vast for his discursive intelligence and none too minute for his indefatigable industry.

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