Complete English grammar for common and high schools Eli J Hoenshel (1907) PDF book

Complete English grammar for common and high schools Eli J Hoenshel

Complete English grammar for common

This text-book of grammar has been thoroughly revised and entirely reset in new types. It forms a complete book, containing in one volume the work usually found in books on language lessons and English grammar. The book is divided into four parts, each of which is a course by itself. The first three parts treat the same subjects, but each gives a more comprehensive treatment than the preceding. The work of the ordinary school is completed in Part Three. Part Four deals only with the most difficult topics and those about which authors do not agree. The author has no sympathy for the notion that technical terms in grammar should not be used until the pupil has reached the upper grades. He can see no reason why children cannot learn and understand the terms, for instance, as easily as a name- word and action-word. Therefore, technical work will be found in Part One, gradually becoming more difficult as the pupil advances, until in Part Four will be found about all the technical work required for any examination.

It is believed that pupils should begin this book about the beginning of the Fifth Grade. During the first four years, the work in language may be combined with the work in other studies, or it may be given in special oral lessons.

The distinguishing characteristics of the book are: —

1. The division into four parts, or courses.

2. The combination of language lessons and grammar.

3. The careful development of definitions and statements.

4. The use of brief and terse language in definitions and rules.

5. The logical models for analysis and parsing.

6. The simplest and most comprehensive system of a diagram known.

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