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The illustrated story of evolution (1921) by Marshall J. Gauvin PDF book

Download The illustrated story of evolution (1921) by Marshall J. Gauvin PDF book

The illustrated story of evolution


The Greek philosophers from Thales to Aristotle, more than two thousand years ago, entertained the notion that all things have been developed from primitive beginnings. This view was shared in the fourth century of the Christian era by St. Augustine, probably the greatest of the church “Fathers.” Then came the Dark Age,— an intellectual night of a thousand years—an era when reason and science were buried in the grave of superstition,—and at its close, the Revival of Learning, the dawn of the modern period.

In that golden Renaissance of rational thought and scientific speculation, philosophical thinkers —Bruno. Campanella and others—influenced by the theories of the Greeks and by the astronomical discoveries of Kepler, Copernicus, and Galileo, sought to explain the universe as an unfoldment from a simple, early condition of matter. But such speculation was denounced as dangerous, and Bruno died a martyr in the flames. 

Still the idea that there has been an evolution in nature persisted and grew, and the writings of Spinoza in Holland, of Locke in England, of Kant in Germany, of Lamarck in France,—to mention but a few philosophers—encouraged men to think that the secret of existence lay in the fact of growth.

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