The Illusion of National Character - PDF (1947) by Hamilton Fyfe

The Illusion of National Character 

The Illusion of National Character


What does the word " nation " mean? To what extent are speakers and writers justified in talking of a nation as a person?. In what sense can a nation be described as having a will, or national interests ? . . .The nation is only one of several dozens of rich and resonant words which are ordinarily accepted without a thought, but which it is essential if we would think clearly, that we should subject to the most searching analysis. Aldous Huxley in " Ends and Means." As we look back and try to pierce the mists that hide the early history of mankind, we can discern dimly an age in which the family was the social unit not only the largest but the only one. Each family dwelt apart, was self-sufficient, looked on other families as hostile. There was a state of constant war between families.

About this book Bernard Shaw wrote :

" I have read it from cover to cover. It is a righteous piece of work; and I can appreciate it better than most for all the wars since the Crimean has occurred in my lifetime."
In the opinion of H.G. Wells

H. G. Wells also described the book in a review as

" this cool, clear, cleansing book ought to be put into the hands of every schoolboy, and especially of every public schoolboy and schoolgirl as a supplement and corrective to the ordinary history teaching they have experienced."

" very timely and wholesome, and in places grimly amusing; a contribution of fundamental value to the spadework that has to be done for the foundation of a new and better order in the world."

Sir Norman Angell, in a review, said :

" For the public to react against folly they must be made conscious of the fallacies and illusions by which folly is made to appear wisdom. To the unveiling of one such illusion, Mr. Fyfe has made an interesting and valuable contribution."

Henry Hamilton Fyfe was a British journalist and writer who was editor of both the newspapers the Daily Mirror and the Daily Herald.

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