Storytelling: what to tell and how to tell it - PDF book by Edna Lyman Scott

Storytelling: what to tell and how to tell it 


The literature on storytelling concerns itself, for the most part, with the requirements of the kindergarten and earlier grades, and very little which is suggestive and helpful seems available for the child whose chief interest is in heroes and adventure.

It is this child who has been chiefly considered in the suggestions for stories to tell which have been made in this volume. The epic tales, of course, are familiar to everyone, but their peculiar fitness for the needs of the hero-loving boy and girl has not been appreciated, and the fact that no general use has been made of them, except in the case of a few isolated stories, has led to the desire to bring them to the attention of people who are telling stories.

The enthusiasm with which the stories, one and all, have been greeted, as I have personally tested them in schools, libraries in large cities and small towns, churches, settlements, and with children gathered together for social purposes or entertainment, has convinced me that they have more than local interest. My thanks are due to the several publishing houses that have courteously granted permission to use the copyrighted material in chapters.

 Publication date: 1917

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