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Signs of character, or, How to read character at sight PDF book by Wallace Mason

Signs of character, or, How to read a character at sight   Wallace Mason PDF book (

Signs of character, or, How to read a character at sight

Nature has placed on every individual sign of character, intending them to be seen and understood. No amount of deception on the part of the individual can conceal many of them. It is important that every person should be acquainted v/ith those signs and their meanings. If they were understood, an immense amount of loss, misery, and disaster would be prevented.

An elaborate system of education is now common, intended to help people to succeed in life, which it often fails to do, partly because in the whole of this system there is no practical knowledge of character taught-, and people are left to gather this knowledge for themselves, in many cases after years of bitter experience, and when it is too late to be of any use to them. The traditional traveler from another planet would hardly credit this. Such a state of things is partly caused by the professed friends of character-reading, whose systems are often: so elaborate and minute that it would require years, and a powerful microscope, to study them.

A vast amount of imposture is carried on under the guise of character-reading, such as fortune-telling, which does much to disgust intelligent people with the whole thing, but it has no necessary connection whatever. That character can be read at sight, the following pages will prove to anyone who will take the trouble to learn and use the signs there given. An effort has been made to make them as simple and clear as possible, and each point has been carefully illustrated. They are gathered by many years of observation, in the cottage, the camp, the workshop, the warehouse, the slums as well as the mansions of great cities, the college, the dissecting-room, the hospital, the jail, and the asylum. I have been frequently asked by medical men, ' Do not your studies in anatomy and physiology shake your faith in phrenology? "
This book is my reply to that question.

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