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Marketing methods and policies (1921) PDF book by Paul Dulaney Converse

Marketing methods and policies (1921) PDF book by Paul Dulaney Converse

Marketing methods and policies (1921) PDF book

this is a strongly recommended book for marketing. everything about sales, brokerage, business, and marketing

The author has long felt that there was a need for a book covering the general field of marketing, which would serve as an introduction to both the college student and the young man in the business. Both often desire a broad knowledge of the marketing machinery that is operating around them. It was with this thought in mind that the author entered upon the preparation of this volume. He frankly admits that he has no first-hand knowledge of every topic treated in this book.

If the publication of such a book were delayed until a man was found who could prepare such a volume entirely from first-hand information it would probably never be written. This is true for the simple reason that no one man could make a thorough study of every phase of marketing and write a book before much of the information became obsolete. The author has, however, been able to draw on studies and investigations conducted by himself for much of the material contained in fifteen chapters of this volume. A part of this information has appeared in publications of the Federal Trade Commission and due credit is given by specific citations when such information is used.

There are many phases of marketing which, for lack of space, are not treated in this book. This is true, for example, of advertising, personal salesmanship, and sales management. The reader can, however, find many books on these subjects. All topics are of necessity treated briefly. Somewhat extensive bibliographies are given at the end of several chapters which the interested student can use in continuing his studies. Extensive bibliographies are not given for all topics covered for the reason that very little information concerning them is available in published form.

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