Terra firma: : the earth, not a planet, proved from scripture, reason, and fact (1901) by David Wardlaw

The book tries to prove that the earth is not a planet that is backed by religious ideas

Terra firma: PDF book the earth, not a planet


I am now an old man, and, had I consulted my own comfort, would never have penned a line of this book, as for some years I have had a cataract in both eyes so that it was not without difficulty that I could read or write. So great, however, appeared to be the need, and being still anxious to serve my generation, I determined to undertake this work, in order to expose the fallacies of Modem Astronomy, which are so contrary to the Word of God, and so conducive to the promotion of Infidelity. I do not enter the lists arrayed in the panoply of Neo- Science, to fight this great Goliath, but only with a few pebbles of the brook, yet I trust that, with God's blessing, the attempt may not be altogether fruitless.

Not being a professional Astronomer, I required to read and think much while writing this book, and had to weigh every matter in an even balance, so as to make no statement that is not in strict conformity with Scripture, Reason, or Fact. I am especially indebted to " The Earth (not a Globe) Review," which was the means of first inducing me to begin this work — ^to Dr. Rowbotham's (Parallax) "Zetetic Astronomy" — "to Mr. Carpenter's " One Hundred Proofs that the Earth is not a Globe " — and to Mr. Winship's " Zetetic Cosmogony." I would also express my best thanks to " States," the late Editor of " The Earth (not a Globe) Review," who, at my request, carefully read my manuscript before its being sent to the Printers, and who, on returning it wrote — " I am pleased to be in perfect accordance with so much that is in your book." I could not expect him to say more, as it rarely happens that men of independent thought can see everything in exactly the same light.

The favorable testimony of such an expert in Astronomic subjects as "Zetetes," gives me confidence in placing the result of my labor before the Public, and I sincerely trust that it may not be "in vain in the Lord," but that it will be helpful to those of my readers who are desirous of searching out the truth of God, as revealed in His works of Creation.

Author: David Wardlaw
Scott Publication Date: 1901

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