Lucian; selected writings; PDF book by Lucian of Samosata

Lucian; selected writings; PDF book by Lucian of Samosata Translated by Francis Greenleaf Allinson

 Lucian of Samosata

Lucian was born at Samosata on the Euphrates between 120 and 130 say for brevity, 125 A.D. He died in Egypt, where he held a government appointment, sometime after 180 A.D. On leaving school about 140 A.D. he was bound in apprenticeship to his maternal uncle, a sculptor or maker of images; but on receiving a beating for breaking a model, he left him and returned to his parents. He was evidently not made of the stuff that artists are made of. A beating would not have driven Rafael from his canvas, Mozart from his piano, or Thorwaldsen from his marble. Yet Lucian had a strong sense of the Beautiful.

Lucian of Samosata was an Assyrian satirist and rhetorician who is best known for his characteristic tongue-in-cheek style, with which he frequently ridiculed superstition, religious practices, and belief in the paranormal.

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