How to read the money article by Charles Duguid

How to read the money article Free PDF book by Charles Duguid

How to read the money article

This small book will teach you the meaning of words that you read in economic news. regarding banks and money, a very useful and easy resource.

To many thousands of newspaper readers the money article, and the money page upon which it appears, is so much wasted space; a dull jargon of meaningless phrases, to be passed over, with the advertisements, in favor of the latest news and police court intelligence. It is the one part of the paper they never read; they do not realize that much care and expenditure are lavished over the financial intelligence department, all for their benefit especially if they have a little spare money to invest, or which might be invested to their profit.

They disregard the money page, although it forms a large proportion of the newspaper for which they have paid. On the other hand, there are those who open their newspapers first at the money article and keep it open there; which seems to show that some hand use for it. A little observation will disclose that there are those who closely scan every line of the money article, who glance through the rest of the journal with diminished interest, or, in some extreme cases, do not glance through it at all. These people are to be found mainly amongst those who go down to the City in cabs, but also amongst country clergymen.

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