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How to get on the stage and how to succeed there PDF book by Leopold Wagner

How to get on the stage and how to succeed there. Free PDF book by Leopold Wagner ( 1899)

How to get on the stage and how to succeed there

Excerpt :
YEARS have sped along since 'The Stage with the Curtain Raised ' was first issued to the public. That little book was received with the utmost favor by the press and the leading lights of the theatrical profession; it has now for some time been out of print. In the present work the same subject is treated much more exhaustively, and, it is hoped, to a much better purpose. Dramatic aspirants and talented amateurs desirous of becoming real actors and actresses are daily on the increase, but for lack of a ' guide, philosopher, and friend, 1 they readily fall prey to the professional schemer. Studied in conjunction with the companion volume, 'Roughing- It on the Stage,' which is a faithful record of actual experiences, 'How to Get on the Stage' should supply a distinct want. Nothing further need be

The actor's profession has always cast its magic spell over the dwellers in cities and towns. Even in remote country places the chance visit of a wandering theatrical company turns the head of many a native and often succeeds in seducing him from the prosaic walk of his daily life, c to strut and fret his hour upon the stage, 1 disport himself in gay apparel, declaim heroic speeches, and merit the applause of the grounding.

There can be few mortals that have not at some period of their lives been stage-struck. It is not only the youth entranced by his first visit to the play who cherishes the conviction that he is a born actor. We once made the acquaintance of a middle-aged newsagent who bitterly bewailed his lack of opportunities to gratify his ambition by going on the stage. As we strolled homewards together at dead of night, he improved the occasion by loudly reciting the Closet Scene from Hamlet under a street lamp, until his performance was rudely interrupted by an irate householder pouring the contents of the water-jug on his offending head. Whether that disappointed newsagent would have made his mark as an actor we will not attempt to say.

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