Glints of wisdom - PDF by W. J Colville

Glints of wisdom, or, Helpful sayings for busy moments 

Glints of wisdom

being abstract from lectures with reflections, statements, meditations, and mottoes

The shorthand notes from which this volume has been compiled were taken, and the transcription began, with no thought beyond the personal benefit and satisfaction to be derived from their perusal from time to time. As the work of copying advanced, however, the idea of sharing my valuable collection of beautiful truths with others who are in the pathway of higher thought became an impelling motive.

While each excerpt is complete in itself, and the original intent was to cite them in the order reported from the lectures, yet, for the sake of convenient reference, they have been arranged as seemed suitable; the method of compilation and classification suggest- ing itself, and ultimately developing into the form here presented. A helpful, inspiring motto may be found in nearly every citation; but the grouping of several at the close of each subject, it is hoped, may aid in securing that concentration which leads to healing and unfoldment. So, with hopeful expectancy that these truths may indeed prove helpful Sayings for Leisure Moments,


The Word 9
Thought 11
Knowledge 15
Cause and Effect 22
Limitation  29
Servility 32
Individuality 35
Mental Healing 41
Inversion 51
Liberalism 56
The Coming Religion 63
Alternative 64
Chastening  68
Persistence 71
Concentration 74
Destiny 78
Heredity 84
Speciality 86
Law of Attraction 89
edition of Qualification 94
Polarity 96
Harmonious Vibration 102
Telepathy 108
Correspondences 110
Association and Organization 112
Memory 113
Karma • 115
Emanations 120
The Real Ego-Atma 125
Dreaming True 132
Psychical Unfoldment 140
Spiritism 150
Elective Affinity 154
Auras-Psychical Environment 156
List of Books 160
the book details :
  • Author: W. J  Colville
  • Publication date: 1910
  • Company: New York, U. S. A.: Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Co.

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