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Everyday English writing

Everyday English writing

Writing is a trade in which everybody, to some extent at least, should have a certain amount of skill. The professional writer, the man who makes his living by writing, must be highly skilled in this trade, and years of study and experience are necessary to perfection. But just as everybody has to know how to talk, so everybody must know how to write: not how to write poems, plays, fiction, learned books and essays, but how to write such straightforward, everyday English as is required in a letter, a report, a simple description, or a newspaper article. 

This book is organized around the idea that, like all good workmanship, good writing depends on clear thinking and on skill in handling the tools and materials of the trade. The object of this book is not to train finished writers. The object is to show the average girl or boy, man or woman, the importance of being able to set down ideas and facts in written form. 

This book assumes that those who study it have had or are obtaining an elementary grammar school education. It is intended to inform the student and to help the student 'to help himself by getting him to write as well as to read good writing, and by emphasizing again and again that writing is nothing but clear thinking put in black and white; and by showing, further, that it is within the grasp of everybody with an ordinary mind to master the elements of writing everyday good English.

the book details :
  • Author: William Leavitt Stoddard
  • Publication date (1919)
  • Company: New York, MacMillan

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