Dynamic thought; or, The law of vibrant energy PDF book (1906) by William Walker Atkinson

 Dynamic thought; or, The law of vibrant energy 

Dynamic thought

This is a queer book. It is a marriage of the Ancient Occult Teachings to the latest and most advanced conceptions of Modern Science — an odd union, for the parties thereto are of entirely different temperaments. 

The marriage might be expected to result disastrously, were it not for the fact that a connecting link has been found that gives them a bond of common interest. 

No two people may truly love each other unless they also love something in common — the more they love in common, the greater will be their love for each other. And, let us trust that this will prove true in this marriage of Occultism and Science, celebrated in this book.


I. "In the Beginning" 11 

II. Things as They Are 20 

III. The Universality of Life and Mind 30 

IV. Life and Mind Among the Atoms 41 

V. The Story of Substance 61 

VI. Substance and Beyond 75 

VII. The Paradox of Science 96 

VIII. The Forces of Nature 109 

IX. Radiant Energy 121 

X. The Law of Attraction 135 

XL The Theory of Dynamic Thought 154 

XII. The Law of Vibrant Energy 171 

XIII. The Kiddle of the Sphinx 182 

XIV. The Mystery of Mind .200 

XV. The Finer Forces of the Mind 206 

XVI. Thought in Action 219 

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