Coffee, from grower to consumer by B.B Keable Free PDF book

Coffee, from grower to consumer by B.B  Keable Free PDF book

" Coffee! — which makes the politician wise And see through all things with half-closed eyes." —

The popularity of coffee needs no emphasizing, and yet it is only during the last 250 years that this beverage has come to be generally used in the civilized countries of Western Europe. How it came by that popularity and whether it is as popular as it was in years gone by are questions which might make us think. That it is not as popular is apparent when we realize that to-day the consumption per head of population is less than it was even fifty years ago, and if reports are at all true — alas ! it must be admitted that statistics of what was done before that time and certainly 200 years gone by are hard to be relied upon — if such reports are true, then 200 years ago it was four times greater than it is today! It has been stated that during the reign of Charles II, there were no less than 3,000 houses in London opened for the sale and consumption of coffee! These houses became the haunts of political intriguers and many had to be suppressed. Tempora mutantur — times have changed — we do not see political and other clubs or societies for the propagation of all the fads and eccentricities that are talked of at the present day meeting in coffee-houses, though as the one exception to the rule, perhaps, the humble Chess Club mostly makes such its home.

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