An essay in practical philosophy, PDF book by Richard Justin McCarty.

An essay in practical philosophy, relations of wisdom and purpose

Wisdom and purpose


A Purpose, according to recognized authorities is An idea or ideal kept before the mind as an end or aim of effort or action. According to these same authorities, a purpose may also be regarded as A resolution to attain an end or aim. While these definitions apparently relate to different things they really represent different aspects of the same thing because an end or aim must involve a resolution and a resolution always involves an end or aim. For this reason, either definition is acceptable under certain conditions and according to the point of view.

In this treatise, however, the term Purpose is used in the comprehensive sense expressed by the proposition that: A purpose is determined in the mind whenever a resolution is made to attain an end or aim. Since attainment to an end or aim requires action and since the action can be recognized only through its effect every end or aim may be regarded as the final effect of the intended action. Therefore, the significance of the term Purpose as used in this treatise may be more explicitly stated by means of the proposition: Whenever a man resolves to bring about or cause to be brought about any mental or physical effect there is determined in the mind of that man what is known as a purpose.

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