An essay in practical philosophy - Richard McCarty - PDF ebook

An essay in practical philosophy, relations of wisdom and purpose.

An essay in practical philosophy
An essay in practical philosophy


A Purpose, according to recognized authorities is An idea or ideal kept before the mind as an end or aim of effort or action. According to these same authorities, a purpose may also be regarded as A resolution to attain an end or aim. 

While these definitions apparently relate to different things they really represent different aspects of the same thing because an end or aim must involve a resolution and a resolution always involves an end or aim. For this reason, either definition is acceptable under certain conditions and according to the point of view.

In this treatise, however, the term Purpose is used in the comprehensive sense expressed by the proposition that: 

A purpose is determined in the mind whenever a resolution is made to attain an end or aim. Since attainment to an end or aim requires action and since the action can be recognized only through its effect every end or aim may be regarded as the final effect of the intended action. Therefore, the significance of the term Purpose as used in this treatise may be more explicitly stated by means of the proposition: Whenever a man resolves to bring about or cause to be brought about any mental or physical effect there is determined in the mind of that man what is known as a purpose.

Some contents of the book:

Standard Definitions of Purpose 
The conception of a Purpose 2
Determination of a Purpose 3
Resolution 3-4
The object of a Purpose 5
The accomplishment of Object 5-6
Achievement of a Purpose 6-7
Subordinate Purposes 7-8
Definite Purpose 8
Indefinite Purpose 8
No Human Purpose Strictly Definite 9-10
Classification of Human Purposes 10-15
Pleasure and Pain 16-17
Natural and Artificial Causes 17
Natural and Artificial Conditions 18-19
Distinctions of Good and Evil 20-21
Human Welfare 22
Human Progress 23
Sources of Human Progress 24-25
Avoidance and Compensation 26
Death Not a Natural Evil 27
Pain a Protection 28
Basis of Distinctions 29
Justified by Scriptures 30-31
Definition of a Good Purpose 32
Definition of an Evil Purpose 32
Opinions of Good and Evil Variable 33
Good Purposes Prolific 34
Evil Purposes Tend to Their Own Correction 35
Good Purposes Must Prevail Over Evil 36
Development of Human Progress 36-38
Historical Evidence of Predominance of Good Over Evil 39-44
Moral Evolution 45-46
Cause, Effect, and Event 47
General Classification of Causes 48
Definition of Energy 49
Classification of Energies 49
Definition of Principle 50
Development of Principles as Conditions
Necessary for Achievement of Purposes. . . .50-58
Basis of Development 51-52
Principle of Causation 53
Principle of Regulation 53
Principle of Stability 54
Principle of Conservation of Matter 55
Principle of Correlation of Energies 55-57
Principle of Conservation of Energies 58
Testimony of Science 59-61
General Demonstration of Principles 62-64

book details :
  • Author: Richard Justin McCarty 
  • Publication date:1922
  • Company: Press of Jos. D. Havens Co.

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