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Advertising, a study of a modern business power (1914) by G. W. Goodall

Advertising, a study of a modern business power (1914) by  G. W. Goodall

Advertising, a study of a modern business power

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more clearly recognized that in economics, as in other fields, theory and practice must keep one another within hail. The student must maintain a firm grip on the actual facts of industry, and the business-man must remind himself of the rules and reason of the " glorious game of business " if each is to contribute his share to what should surely be the object of both — the progressive improvement of our economic organization. If this book, by its descriptions and discussions of one branch of business, is of some little assistance in enabling the " scientist " and the " artist " in economics thus to keep within hail, it will fulfill its purpose.

Whether or not, however, it proves of service to these two — the student and the business-man — it certainly owes much to both — which brings me to the real reason of this Preface, viz., to make some cordial acknowledgments. The account of modern advertising in these pages is one outcome of a Seminar conducted by Professor Sidney Webb at the London School of Economics, at which plans were made for inquiries into various phases of modern business. In this particular inquiry, besides utilizing some amount of personal experience, I was favored with interviews by representatives of practically every side of the advertising business, and each and all showed courtesy and interest and readiness to help, which it is most pleasant to record. From members of the Seminar, I received many fraternal criticisms, while to Professor Webb I owe a deep debt for his unstinted assistance and encouragement. For any inaccuracies in the book, I must be allowed to claim sole credit.

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