A B C of the Swedish system of educational gymnastics (1891) by Hartvig Nissen

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Hartvig Nissen
Instructor of Physical Training in the Public Schools of Boston, Mass. ; Instructor of Swedish and German Gyranasties at Harvard University's Summer School, 1891; formerly Instructor of Physical Culture at the Catholic University,

During my many years of experience as a teacher of gymnastics, I have been asked numerous questions which, to a professional man, seem so simple that he often forgets to answer them satisfactorily. The same is true of most treatises on Swedish gymnastics. The science and theory are often very skillfully treated; but the most common questions are not answered, and the practical work, which should serve as a guide to the inexperienced teacher, is stuffed with scientific terms and shortened words and sentences. So it happens that the teacher becomes confused or even wholly averse to the subject as one requiring too much of his precious time. Since the Swedish system of educational gymnastics has been introduced into the public schools of Boston, it has become a necessity to have a practical handbook, both for the teachers and the many homes where gymnastics are practiced. Wherefore, I have tried to furnish a book which will give plain answers to the most frequent questions; prescriptions of exercises for children of different ages, from the third class in primary schools up to the first class in grammar schools; with full commands for each exercise, and illustrated by cuts.

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