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What is free-masonry? PDF book (1915) by Norman Frederick De Clifford

 What is free-masonry? PDF book (1915) by Norman Frederick De Clifford

What is free-masonry?

There have been numberless books written upon masonry and Free-Masonry, and yet none of these Authors have given us any definite or positive information in relation to these subjects as the author of this little volume.

"What is Free-Masonry?"Brother de Clifford has gone out of the beaten path of all other writers, and as a result, he has acquired a fund of information that is needed to enable a writer and instructor to give the "LIGHT" to illumine the pathway of those Master Masons who are searching and hungering for knowledge of "LIGHT AND TRUTH" themselves. The author of this little volume has given years of untiring zeal and energy in many lands. He has searched diligently for data in relation to the Origin and Antiquity of Masonry, what it stands for, and what it teaches. He has spent years of Personal investigation among the Archives of the Nations of theEast and the sacred writings of the world, and he has given to us in his "EGYPT THE CRADLE OF ANCIENT MASONRY" More Light than any other work that I have ever read on Masonry.

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