What is Freemasonry ? PDF by Norman Frederick De Clifford

 What is Freemasonry? 


In writing this series of volumes we shall confine ourselves First -To the Origin and Antiquity of Masonry. Second To Morality - To the Duty that Man owes to his God, his country, his neighbour and to himself. We shall speak of Masonry and morality not only as it is being practised today, but in every age of the world's his- tory. We shall also go into the Religions of the world. 

We shall endeavour to show all who may read this series of books, that the system of Morality embodied in Masonry embraces the ethics of all Religions, all Science and all Philosophies that have ever existed upon the face of the earth. At the same time, you dear Brothers must distinctly understand that Masonry advocates no special Religion.

 It does not teach Buddhism, although the Free-Mason who has been "duly and truly prepared" thoroughly comprehends its basic principles as well as the Vedic mythology of Ancient (5) 6 The Lion's Paw Series India. Masonry does not teach or believe in Sun worship, yet Master Mason knows all the profound philosophical truths that underlie the Religions of the ancient Persians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Peruvians, Britons, Scandinavians and the Sun Worshipers of the world universal. Masonry does not teach the Religion of Mohammed. Neither do Freemasons believe in its prophet as the inspiration of God? 

Masonry does not teach or ask its members to practice Hebraism any farther than a belief in the One, Eternal, Everlasting, Supreme Architect of the Universe. Neither does Masonry teach Christ or Christianity? But it does most assuredly Claim that No ONE Religion has or contains the whole of TRUTH. But it teaches every Freemason to believe and positively know that each and every one does contain a part of the Eternal Verities of the Ancient Wisdom Religion that was taught by a Venerable Association or Brotherhood of ancient India.

 Freemasons believe in the ONE ABSOLUTE EVERLASTING GOD, a knowledge of whom passeth all understanding. Be- fore whom all men bow in Awe and Adoration. Third Concerning the Allegories, Legends, and Symbols that permeates the whole of Masonry. We will endeavor to lift the veil and unfold to you their True meaning. Religions of every age, from the most ancient to the present day, are filled with Allegories. 

We also find them permeating the mythologies of all nations and peoples. The Brahmins, Zarathustrians and ancient Egyptians used them. So did the Babylonians, Phoenicians, Peruvians and Scandinavians. And it The Lion's Paw Series is a well-known fact that the Jewish Rabbins used them in their religious teachings more freely than (perhaps) any other people. 

The Christian philosophy is full of them, in fact, Christ Himself is taught in parables (Allegories). They seem to have been the favorite method adopted by the ancient members of our Royal Craft in order to hide from the profane their Esoteric mysteries. The Legends, Allegories and Sym- bols of Masonry are purely Allegorical. 

They teach us a knowledge of Life, Death and the Immortality of the Soul. All our Masonic Legends, Allegories and Symbols are perfectly and easily understood by those who have been "duly and truly prepared" and who have put themselves into a position to Receive and understand them. More especially is this so to him who has kept his First Vow To subdue his passions and improve himself in Masonry. In this series we will endeavor to unfold some of the most sublime Truths that are embodied in the Allegories and Symbolism of our most Illustrious Fraternity.

Fourth. We shall find a most profoundly beautiful scientific philosophy in the Metaphysical and Ethical teachings of Masonry which are embodied in those Allegories and Symbols. We shall also find that those sublime teachings and that profound Scientific Philosophy have come down to us from a Venerable Association or Brotherhood of India known as "The Great School of the Masters

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  • Author: Norman Frederick De Clifford
  • Publication date: 1915
  • Company: Chicago: Bronson Canode Printing Co.

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