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The story of a whim (1924) Grace Livingston Hill

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Hazel and her college friends are hanging around the railroad station waiting for some friends, when they spy some decrepit furniture tagged to a "Christie Bailey" of Pine Ridge, Florida. The girls at first make fun of the poor belongings, but Hazel Winship decides that Christie must be very poor and they might really be able to help her out by sending along some nicer things, including an organ. They make up a story about poor Christie, deciding that she is a homely old maid who will appreciate the things they send as well as their friendship. Among the things, the girls ship out is a wonderful picture of Christ, as well as some Sunday School literature, encouraging Christie to start a Sunday School in her area. Well, as it turns out, Christie is not a homely old maid, but a handsome young man, who lives a pretty rough and primitive life in his Florida cabin among his orange trees. When the items arrive, his transformation begins.

 In some strange way, he wants to be the kind of person they think he is, and the picture of Christ figures largely in his transformation.

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