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 Talks with great workers

Talks with great workers

Inspirationa real interviews with some famous millionaires in 1901 including the founder of Lipton company, and they illustrate the secret behind their accomplishments

Nothing is more fascinating than the romance of reality in worthy achievement under difficulty than contrasting pictures of obscure beginnings and triumphant endings than stirring stories of strenuous endeavour and final victory. These inspiring narratives, many of which have appeared in " Success," have frequently proved to turn- points in the lives of ambitious youths striving against iron circumstances. 

They have caused many a dull boy and girl to determine to be and to do something in the world. This is but another proof of the old theory that concrete illustrations are most effective in pointing out morals and shaping conduct.

 In response to repeated requests, the author has selected from " Success " those life stories which have proved most helpful to its readers and has added thereto new and helpful material, combining the whole in a book intended for the youth of all ages. In choosing the illustrations the formation of character, the application of industry and will-power, and the inculcation of persistence and thoroughness have been. kept constantly in mind. The author sincerely trusts that there are young people who, after reading these true tales, which explode the excuses of those who think they have " no chance " in life, will be encouraged to start out and duplicate them. To all who have aided me in securing and preparing this matter, I express grateful acknowledgement, especially to each of those whose biography is here related.

Some contents:

I. A life of aspiration the career of senator Depew 1
Oratorical training and opportunity; points upon business.
Ii. Sir Thomas Lipton 12
The great yacht sportsman, who took American Business methods to England.
Iii. Ambitious to rise in life never by
Luck 18
Russell sage upon opportunity, integrity, physical vigour
Iv. When Mrs Russell sage was a girl. 23
The wife of the millionaire financier tells of Her early efforts to earn her own living.
V. One of the makers of the new New York 28
Vi. Downright hard sense as to the way To make money 34
The story of a Connecticut clock peddler who Built a transcontinental railway.
Vii. Building up a great shipping house. 41
Viii. The financial value of "A good Business standing " 47
Ix. The story of governor flower of  New York 52

Publication Date: 1901

the book details :
  • Author:Orison Swett Marden
  • Publication date: 1901
  • Company: New York, T.Y. Crowell & co

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