Simon the jester - PDF Novel by William John Locke

Simon the jester

Simon the jester

Review by Daniel
An excellent read. Simon is a sceptic humorist, who laughs at the world, thinks he has everything, and that life has no meaning, but when he has nothing, he finds that life is more serious than he first thought. 
The style is rather in the vein of H. Ryder Haggard's Quatermain books, first-person autobiographical, with a dash of Dickens and Edgar Rice Burroughs thrown in to flavour the characters

After all, what good is money when you're six feet under? If Simon can "fix " the universal woes by dipping into his pockets then by all means live, laugh and be humorous! But doctors can be wrong, one can meddle where one is not desired, and what does one do when there is a return from the grave but it's a return to a bleak world? No money. No society friends. No real skills.\

Publisher New York : John Lane company

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