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Secret history of the English occupation of Egypt PDF (1922) by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

Secret history of the English occupation of Egypt; being a personal narrative of events

Shiekh Mohammed Abdo

The book illustrates events that had happened during the English occupation of Egypt and most of them were not documented,

Excerpt from the book's introduction:

I desire to place on record in a succinct and tangible form the events which have come within my knowledge relating to the origin of the English occupation of Egypt — not necessarily for publication now but as an available document for the history of our times. At one moment I played in these events a somewhat prominent part, and for nearly twenty years I have been a close and interested spectator of the drama which was being acted at Cairo.

 It may well be, also, that the Egyptian question, though now quiescent, will reassert itself unexpectedly in some urgent form hereafter, requiring of Englishmen a new examination of their position there, political and moral; and I wish to have at hand and ready for their enlightenment the whole of the materials I possess. I will give these as clearly as I can, with such documents in the shape of letters and journals as I can bring together in corroboration of my evidence, disguising nothing and telling the whole truth as I know it.

 It is not always in official documents that the truest facts of history are to be read, and certainly, in the case of Egypt, where the intrigue of all kinds has been so rife, the sincere student needs help to understand the published parliamentary papers. Lastly, for the Egyptians, if ever they succeed in re-establishing themselves as an autonomous nation, it will be of value that they should have recorded the evidence of one whom they know to be their sincere friend in regard to matters of diplomatic obscurity which to this day they fail to realize.

My relations with Downing Street in 1882 need to be related in detail if Egyptians are ever to appreciate the exact causes which led to the bombardment of Alexandria and the battle of Tel-el-Kebir, while justice to the patriot leader of their "rebellion" requires that I should give a no less detailed account of Arabi's trial, which still presents itself to some Egyptian as to all French minds, in the light of a pre-arranged comedy devised to screen a traitor. It does not do to leave the truth to its own power of prevailing over lies, and history is full of calumnies which have viii Preface of i8gs remained unrefuted, and of ingratitudes which nations have persisted in towards their worthiest sons. Sheykh Obeyd, Egypt. 1895  Since the first brief preface to my manuscript was written twelve years ago, events have happened which seem to indicate that the moment foreseen in it has, at last, arrived when to the public advantage and without risk of serious indiscretion as far as individuals are concerned, the whole truth may be given to the world.

Contents of the book:

Preface of 1895

Preface on Publication, 1907 ix

I. Egypt under Ismail i

II. Sir Rivers Wilson's Mission 19

III. Travels in Arabia and India 38

IV. English Politics in 1880 51
V. The Reform Leaders at the Azhar 73

VI. Beginnings of the Revolution in Egypt 92

VII. Triumph of the Reformers in Egypt 109
VIII. Gambetta's Policy. The Joint Note 129

IX. Fall of Sherif Pasha 146

X. My Pleading in Downing Street 162

XI. The Circassian Plot 186

XII. Intrigues and Counter Intrigues 210

XIII. Dervish's Mission 228

XIV. A Last Appeal to Gladstone 251
XV. The Bombardment of Alexandria 270

XVI. The Campaign of Tel-el-Kebir 285

XVII. The Arabi Trial 323

XVIII. Dufferin's Mission 349


I. Arabi's Autobiography 367

II. Text of National Programme 383

III. Text of Egyptian Constitution of 1882 388

IV. Letter from Boghos Pasha Nubar 397

V. Note as to the Berlin Congress 401

VI. The Wind and the Whirlwind 404

Author: Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
 Publication Date:1922

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