Modelling and sculpture; (1911) PDF book by Albert Toft (with Illustrations)

Modelling and sculpture; (1911) PDF book by Albert Toft

Modelling and sculpture

Many books on almost every conceivable phase of Art have been published in recent years, and it may be asked why I, a sculptor by profession, have chosen to tread the thorny path of literature and add to their number. I know of no work dealing exclusively, like this, with the purely technical side of plastic or glyptic Art, and affording the student, so far as a book can, every practical detail necessary to a complete knowledge of his craft. I have endeavoured, as plainly and directly as possible, to place before him the result of many years' practical experience, and to show him how the knowledge acquired, stage by stage, of the modeller's and sculptor's art can be utilised ; for I believe that this experience will be helpful to all those students who have an honest and whole-hearted desire to suc-ceed in their profession, which has so many famous names on its roll of honour. A book cannot make a man an artist that is a matter depending solely on the possession of real artistic gifts but many difficulties may be sur- mounted and unnecessary errors avoided if the student be shown at the beginning of his career the right way to go about his work.

the author:
Albert Toft was an English sculptor. Toft's career was dominated by public commemorative commissions in bronze, mostly single statues of military or royal figures. The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897, Boer War to 1902, and then World War I to 1918, provided plentiful commissions

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