John o' the Green : a romance, novel by Jeffery Farnol (1935)

 John o' the Green: a romance, novel by Jeffery Farnol (1935)

John o' the Green: a romance novel

King Tristan's plan was to unite the neighboring kingdoms and duchies—with himself as ruler. The local kings and rulers, however, proved unwilling to be deposed in favor of Tristan and the plan seemed likely to fail until John o' the Green, a noble and an outlaw, was captured by King Tristan's men.

Not to save his own life but for the sake of his nine captured comrades, John agreed to his captor's proposal. With chain mail under his innocent minstrel's costume, he set out for a neighboring duchy in the hope of winning it by cunning or by courage. He did not suspect that within its high-walled, many-towered chief city he would find a girl as its ruler, who by her courage would command his respect and by her youth and loveliness would win his love. He could not foresee that her troubles would become more important to him than his own and that her happiness and safety would be his chief care.

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