John o' the Green - Jeffery Farnol - PDF novel

 John o' the Green 

John o' the Green
John o' the Green - Jeffery Farnol


Plot summary

King Tristan's plan was to unite the neighbouring kingdoms and duchies—with himself as ruler. The local kings and rulers, however, proved unwilling to be deposed in favour of Tristan and the plan seemed likely to fail until John o' the Green, a noble and an outlaw, was captured by King Tristan's men.

the book details :
  • Author: Jeffery Farnol was a British writer from 1907 until his death in 1952, known for writing more than 40 romance novels, often set in the Georgian Era or English Regency period, and swashbucklers. He, with Georgette Heyer, largely initiated the Regency romance genre.
  • Publication date: 1935
  • Company: Toronto: Ryerson Press

  • Download  John o' the Green -PDF  - 18.6 MB

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