How to get on in the world PDF book by A. R. Calhoun (1895)

How to get on in the world: or a ladder to practical success 

It has been said that " Nothing Succeeds Like Success." What is Success? If we consult the dictionaries, they will give us the etymology of this much-used word, and in general terms, the meaning will be " the accomplishment of a purpose." 

But as the objects in nearly every life differ, so success cannot mean the same thing to all men. The artist's idea of success is very different from that of the businessman, and the scientist differs from both, as does the statesman from all three. We read of successful gamblers, burg-lars or freebooters, but no true success was ever won or ever can be won that set at defiance the laws of God and man. To win, so that we ourselves and the world shall be the better for our having lived, we must begin the struggle with a high purpose, keeping ever before our minds the characters and methods of the noblemen who have succeeded along the same lines.

The young man beginning the battle of life«should never lose sight of the fact that the age of fierce competition is upon us, and that this competition must, in the nature of things, become more and more intense. Success grows less and less dependent on luck and chance. Preparation for the chosen field of effort, an industry that is increasing, a hope that never flags, patience that never grows weary, encourage that never wavers, all these, and a trusting God, are the prime requisites of the man who would win in this age of specialists and untiring activity.

The purpose of this work is not to stimulate genius, for genius is a law unto itself, and finds its compensation in its own original productions. Genius has benefited the world, without doubt, but too often its life compensation has been crust and a garret. After death, in not a few cases, the burial was through the charity of friends, and this can hardly be called an adequate compensation, for the memorial tablet or monument that commemorates the life of privation, if not of absolute wretchedness.

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