The Hounded Man- PDF Novel by Francis Carco

The Hounded Man

The Hounded Man

A tale of a man who commits murder and lives his life after that fact. Of course, since this is a Francis Carco piece of work, there is a woman of the streets who share with the leading character's misery, dread, and fear. Also, the city of  Paris adds a certain amount of noir existence in the mix as well.

Carco is an amazing writer, who specializes in little pyscho-dramas that takes place in Parisian hotels and bars. Why he isn't more known in the English language world is a mystery

This book is a gem! It's male and female soul poured into a book. What a surprise! What astonishment! What sensitivity so well described! A work that brings Man and Females together.

François Carcopino-Tusoli, known as Francis Carco, was a poet, writer, journalist, and French song lyrics writer of Corsican origin. He was also known by the pseudonym Jean d'Aiguièr

Author: Francis Carco 
Publication date: 1924
Publisher New York, T. Seltzer


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