All about ferrets and rats - PDF by Adolph Isaacsen

All about ferrets and rats by

All about ferrets and rats

Not academic book 
In the following pages, we have given a complete review of the ever-important rat exterminating subject, from a practical man's point of view. The essay on the Ferret has been exhaustively treated, is a special feature of the work, and will be found of great value to the rat-ridden part of the community, as well as to the fancier and naturalist. " The Hat " has been handled from a universal point of view, and the book has been prepared from the writer's practical notes during his thirty years' study of bats and Hat Extermination.

Contents of the book

Introductory 6
The Ferret.
I. What a Ferret Is 7
II. Character and Appearance 9
III. Eat Hunting 11
IV. Food 14
V. Ferret Pens 15
VI. Diseases 1C
VII. Hardiness 17
VIII. Breeding and Training 19
IX. Strength and Bite 20
X. Handling 21
XI. With Cats and Dogs 21
XII. Advantages as an Eat Exterminator 22
XIII. Miscellaneous 23
The Eat.
I. The Eat Family and its Varieties 27
II. Eat History 27
III. The King's Own Eat-Catcher 29
IV. Eat Society, Cannibalism, and Friendship 30
V. Multiplying Powers 33
VI. Unabridged Bill of Fare 34
VII. Ferocity 35
VIIL Eats in Breweries, Slaughter Houses, Markets,
Staples, and Barn-yards 36
IX. Eats as Wine Drinkers 33
X. Destructiveness 39
XI. EatsasFood 40
XII. EatNests 43
XIII. The Eat's Musical Talents and Eyesight 45
XVI. Eats as Moralists 46
XV. Eats in the Good Old Days, and the Modem Eat
Superstitions 47
XVI. Review of the Eat, and Conclusion 49
Eat Extermination.
I. Traps 51
II. Poisons ., 54
III. Dogs, Cata, and Ferrets 55
The Origin of the Ferret, with Hints to Darwin 57

Publication Date:1886


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