Adventure in the night Novel (1924) by Warrington Dawson

Adventure in the Night, PDF Novel (1924) by Warrington Dawson

Adventure in the Night

“ A strange adventure . . . the sunset of one day ringing up the curtain, and the sunrise of the next bringing it down again.

"Francis Warrington Dawson was born in London, England on May 20, 1840. His name at birth was Austin John Reeks, but he changed his name in 1861 after emigrating to America. He served in both the Confederate Navy and Army. He was murdered on March 12, 1889, by Dr. T. B.

Excerpt: (Review needed )

There had always been a mystery about Mr. Gilbert Lawrence. It concerned his family’s origin, somehow. And he talked so little that nobody seemed to know much more about it than just that. I was with him often, in the fine old Southern house where he lived. The garden was large, with more lawns than flower-beds, and plenty of trees—ideal for children’s games. He liked to have young people about him and gave them on his grounds free happiness denied to many in their homes.

All liked him because of his geniality and resource¬ fulness, but most of all because of a glamour cast upon him by certain articles in his house.

They were relics of the French court, to which an ancestor of his had belonged; and owing to some mysterious process, he had been involved with that ancestor, or with the court, or perhaps with the articles. Nobody knew; it was the mystery, of course. Some of these trinkets were trumpery to my inexperienced eyes. I could not name them, even; I suppose they were small rings or pendants, or silk card-cases embroidered by hand, or the like. But one, the most valuable, was a gold snuff-box with a crest in enamel and diamonds, surmounted by a count’s

coronet with its many pearls. Everybody knew it had been the property of Gilbert, Count de Laurency, a Huguenot progenitor of my friend.

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