The story of the outlaw PDF book : a study of the Western desperado (1907) Emerson Hugh

Download The story of the outlaw PDF book: a study of the Western desperado (1907) by Emerson Hugh

The story of the outlaw PDF book

A STUDY OF THE WESTERN DESPERADO With historical narratives of famous outlaws; the stories of noted border wars; vigilante movements and armed conflicts on the border.

IN offering this study of the American desperado, the author constitutes himself no apologist for the acts of any desperado; yet neither does he feel that apology is needed for the theme itself. The outlaw, the desperado that somewhat distinct and easily recognizable figure generally known in the West as the "bad man" is a character unique in our national history, and one whose like scarcely has been produced in any land other than this.

 It is not necessary to promote absurd and melodramatic impressions regarding a type properly to be called historic, and properly to be handled as such. The truth itself is thrilling enough and difficult as that frequently has been of discovery, it is the truth which has been sought herein. A thesis on the text of disregard for law might well be put to better use than to serve merely as exciting reading, fit to pass away in such historic movements as those of the "vigilantes" of California and Montana mining days, and of the later cattle days when "wars" were common between thieves and outlaws, and the representatives of law and order, themselves not always duly authenticated officers of the law.

Contents of the book:

I the desperado. I

Ii the imitation desperado . ,14

Iii the land of the desperado . . 22

Iv the early outlaw ... 35
V the vigilantes of california . 74

Vi the outlaw of the mountains. 98

Vii henry Plummer .... 105

Viii Boone helm 127

Ix death scenes of desperadoes. 137

X joseph a. Slade . . . 145

Xi the desperado of the plains. .154

Xii wild bill Hickok . . . .167

Xiii frontier wars . . . .187

Xiv the lincoln county war .196
Xv the stevens county war. 227

Xvi biographies of bad men . . . 256

Xvii the fight of buckshot Roberts. 284

Xviii the manhunt . . . .292

Xix bad men of texas 313

Xx modern bad men . . . . 340

Xxi bad men of the Indian nations .371

Xxii desperadoes of the cities 393

Author: Emerson Hugh
 Publication Date:1907    

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