Tamil self-taught - PDF by Don M. Wickremasinghe

Tamil self-taught  : (in roman characters) 

Tamil self-taught Free PDF book

DESIGNED primarily for TOURISTS and TRAVELERS in Foreign lands who, without previous knowledge of the Language, desire to express themselves sufficiently to be understood, these books also form a good foundation for the more serious-minded student.

The Method followed throughout the Series is to give Classified vocabularies and Conversational Phrases under Subjects, arranged in three columns giving first the English word or phrase, second the Foreign equivalent, and third the English phonetic pronunciation

This latter column makes correct pronunciation a simple matter.

A section an Elementary Grammar is included in most cases and deals with the construction of sentences and any special peculiarities of the language, such as Genders, Tenses, Conjugation of Verbs, etc. For the more important languages, a separate volume on Grammar is published containing, in addition to a thorough treatise on Grammar, Exercises for translation.

Author: Don M. Wickremasinghe
 Publication Date: 1906

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