Political and literary essays- PDF book by Evelyn Baring Cromer

Political and literary essays

Evelyn Baring Cromer
Evelyn Baring Cromer

Some apology is perhaps necessary for the title given to this work. It is called Political and Literary Essays because I have thought it desirable to preserve the title which was given to the two volumes which preceded it. As a matter of fact, however, with the exception of a review of Sir Sidney Lee's Life of Shakespeare and perhaps of the Essay on " Lord Curzon's War Poems," the subjects treated are wholly political.

 The greater portion of the deal, either directly or indirectly, with matters connected with the all-absorbing question of the day — the War. On this subject, I cannot pretend to have said anything beyond what has been already stated, in a different language, by other politicians and journalists, many of whom can speak with greater authority than myself. But, having recently been debarred by ill-health from taking any part in political affairs in other spheres of action, it has interested me to write these Essays, and it may perhaps interest some few of my countrymen to read them. I have, therefore, ventured to republish them. 

All have appeared either in the Spectator, the Quarterly Review, the Nineteenth Century and After, or the National Review. They are re-published by permission of the editors of these periodicals. I have also to thank Lord Curzon of Kedleston and his publishers, Messrs. George Allen & Unwin, for allowing the republication of the Introduction which I wrote to the collection of Lord Curzon's speeches entitled Subjects of the Day.


Lord Curzon's imperialism.--Lord Curzon's war poems.--Modern Austria.--Germany and eastern Europe.--Nationalism in the Near East.--The suicide of the Turk.--The régime of the Young Turk.--The diplomacy of the war.--The German historians.--An ethical iconoclast [Nietzsche]--Pan-Germanism.--Germania mendax.--German military ethics.--German patriotism.--The teaching of patriotism.--The Germanization of Slesvig.--Democracy and diplomacy.--Political ideals.--The morality of nations.--The new Europe.--The neutrality of America.--A neutral on the war.--John Hay.--South America.--South of Panama.--War-time letters.--The politician Wordsworth.--The Chinese revolution.--Japan.--Java.--Governor Pitt.--The Thiers memoirs.--Delane of the "Times."--Shakespeare.--Index
Author: Evelyn Baring Cromer


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