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Political and literary essays PDF book , 1908-1913 by Evelyn Baring Cromer

Political and literary essays, 1908-1913 by  Evelyn Baring Cromer

Political and literary essays

I have to thank the editors of The Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews, The Nineteenth Century and After and The Spectator for allowing the republication of these essays, all of which appeared originally in their respective columns. No important alterations or additions have been made, but I should like to observe, as regards the first essay of the series — on "The Government of Subject Races " — that, although only six years have elapsed since it was written, events in India have moved rapidly during that short period. I adhere to the opinions expressed in that essay so far as they go, but it will be obvious to anyone who has paid attention to Indian affairs that, if the subject had to be treated now, many very important issues, to which I have not alluded, would have to be imported into the discussion.

Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl of Cromer was a British statesman, diplomat, and colonial administrator. He was a British controller-general in Egypt during 1879, part of the international Control which oversaw Egyptian finances after the 1876 Egyptian bankruptcy.


I  The Government of Subject Races
II. Translation and Paraphrase
III. Sir Alfred Lyall
IV. Army Reform 107

V. The International Aspects of Free Trade.

VI. China

VII, The Capitulations in Egypt
VIII. Disraeli...

IX. Russian Romance

X. The Writing of History

XL The Greek Anthology.

XIL Lord Milner and Party

XIII. The French in Algeria.

XIV. The Ottoman Empire

XV. Wellingtonians
XVI. Burma

XVII. A Pseudo-Hero of the Revolution
XVIII. The Future of the Classics.
XIX. An Indian Idealist
XX. The Fiscal Question in India
XXI. Rome and Municipal Government
XXII. A Royal Philosopher

XXIII. Ancient Art and Ritual

XXIV. Portuguese Slavery
XXV. England and Islam

XXVI. Some Indian Problems.
XXVII. The Napoleon of Taine .
XXVIII. Songs, Patriotic and National
XXIX. Songs, Naval and Military.
Author: Evelyn Baring Cromer
  Publication Date: 1913

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