PDF : Astrology, science of knowledge and reason (1897) ; a treatise on the heavenly bodies in an easy and comprehensive form

PDF: Astrology, the science of knowledge and reason; a treatise on the heavenly bodies in an easy and comprehensive form (1897) by Ellen H Bennett

Astrology, the science of knowledge

Excerpt from the author's introduction:

This work has been compiled after years of careful, critical study, to demonstrate that we are all members of one great body, and therefore have the same great privilege to study and become wise, for knowledge is ours. We, therefore, should digest and assimilate it, and make it part and parcel of ourselves, as there is a no more certain way of invigorating the mind than to go into the study, which will awaken muscle and soul-force and will be so boundless and infinite that we shall soon become happy and wise in ourselves.

A zealous study of science brings increasing happiness and honor, and a wise man will never cease to learn and become distinguished in his own knowledge of good and evil. He will by that means inflict fewer wrongs on others. The present age embraces such a vast line of study that all can learn what of the morrow.

The great number of books that are within reach of all gives to all the opportunity to learn and become wise within themselves regarding present events, as well as what is coming, so that they may be the better able to protect themselves, and not to cry in the hour of midnight that all is lost, or that they are standing on the sandy ground waiting for help; for each one has within himself a mountain of strength, and only by learning can be brought out the wisdom that each person possesses to a greater or less degree.

Author: Ellen H Bennett
Publication Date: 1897

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