Maxims: political, philosophical, and moral PDF book (8178 Maxims) by Edward Counsel

Maxims: political, philosophical, and moral PDF book (8178 Maxims ) by Edward Counsel [1889]

Maxims: political, philosophical, and moral PDF book

In submitting to the Australian public the following Maxims and Reflections, the author deems it necessary to offer a few introductory remarks, so as to arrive at a proper understanding of his motives in publishing the present unpretentious volume. It was originally my intention to have preceded this volume of Maxims by issuing a selection of my " Melodies of Erin" (as songs), some of which are although still, I . regret to say, in manuscript publicly known in Melbourne; but not meeting the encouragement I was led to expect from some of our Melbourne music publishers, I have been induced to publish the present volume.

I have composed probably more original airs, and other varieties in the way of music, than any other musical writer in the world exceeding twenty-thousand (20,000). A list of these, as also my other productions, may be consulted in the APPENDIX.

MAXIMS exert no small influence on our lives and faculties. They are inward monitors directing the actions and motives to be pursued in every imaginable undertaking, not only of individuals but of nations. Unvoiced Maxims have ruled and will continue to rule, the destinies of all nations. Their influence lasts through all time. Philosophy (first acquired, probably, by the knowledge of human errors), like nature, is ever-renewing her strength.

It is the common possession of all common as the blood that supports the air we breathe universal as are our perceptions and faculties; and, if we but reasoned justly, we would discover at the close of our investigations that all men are originally created on a dead level of intellect. There are degrees of effect and cause. One produces many, but each man can contribute infinitely.

Edward Counsel 

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