Emerson and his philosophy (1919) PDF book by John Arthur Hill

Emerson and his philosophy 

Emerson and his philosophy

Ralph Waldo Emerson was born on May 25th, 1803, in Boston, Massachusetts. His father, William Emerson, pastor of the Second Church (Unitarian), died eight years later, leaving his family in straitened circumstances. 

When Emerson was in Paris in 1833, visited the famous cemetery of Pere La Chaise. There he came across the tomb of Auguste Cohgnon, who said the monument, "lived to do right, and had formed himself to virtue on the Essays of Montaigne

." I cannot claim for myself so high an achievement, but I can at least say that I owe to Emerson's Essays, very largely, and virtue (in the wider BibHcal and etymological sense) that I may possess. To me, Emerson was the most inspired writer of the nineteenth century. He showed me, more than any other, what man can do and be, and how he may put himself in the way of such inspiration as his capacity permits. And, being so keenly conscious of the help received from him,

I want others to try the same source. Hence the present little volume, in the hope that it may be useful as an introduction to the greatest thinker of the transatlantic millions of our race, to whom the whole world now owes so much for their help in overthrowing military tyranny.

Content of the book

I. Biography 7

II. Literary Tastes i6

III. Prophet and Philosopher .... 26

IV. Religion 39

V. Science 48

VI. Social ........ 57

VII. Style 67

VIII. Emerson the Poet ...... 78

IX. Personal Character 87

X. Emerson as Critic 99

XI. Conclusion 113

Author: John Arthur Hill
 Publication Date:1919

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