A practical manual of animal magnetism by Alphonse Téste - PDF ebook

a practical manual of animal magnetism

manual of animal magnetism

containing an exposition of the methods employed in producing the magnetic phenomena: with its application to the treatment and cure of diseases

The studies of Mesmerism having become so very- general in this country within the last few years, — a circumstance for which we are mainly indebted to the untiring zeal and indefatigable exertions of Dr. Elliot- son, — it was found necessary that the English public should possess some work in their own language, which might serve as an introduction to this truly interesting science. 

The great popularity of Dr Teste's Manuel Pratique de Magnetisme Aiiimal, the very clear and methodical exposition which it gives of the various processes employed in the production of the magnetic phenomena, and of the application of this science to the alleviation and cure of disease, at once pointed it out as one which, presented in an English dress, might prove not unacceptable to the English public. 

It will be found to possess those qualities which must recom- mend every didactic work, viz. great simplicity and great clearness of arrangement.

Some contents:

Chap. I. — Historical, Survey 1
§ I. Mesmer and his Theory ib.
Reflections on the Report of Bailly 9
Conclusions of the Report of Jussieu 11
The effect produced by the Avork of Thouret,
entitled Reclterches et Doufes Sur le Magnetisme Animal ib.
§ II. Magnetism among the Egyptians ib.
§ III. Magnetism among the Hebrews 12
§ rV. Magnetism among the Greeks 13
§ V. Magnetism among the Romans 14
§ VI. Magnetism among the Gauls 15
§ VII. Magnetism in the Middle Ages ib.
§ VIII. Magnetism in our Times 17

the book details :
  • Author:Alphonse Téste
  • Publication date:1843
  • Company:London: Bailliere

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