A history of Sinai PDF book by Lina Eckenstein (1921)

Download a history of Sinai  PDF book  by  Lina Eckenstein 1921)

a history of Sinai  PDF book

history of Sinai  PDF book

In the winter of 1905-6, Professor Flinders Petrie undertook the examination of the Egyptian remains in Sinai. After working at Wadi Maghara he removed into the Wadi Umm Agraf to copy the inscriptions and excavate the temple ruins at Serabit. His work is described in "Researches in Sinai, 1906," and the inscriptions are in course of publication by the Egypt Exploration Fund. Among the workers at Serabit was me. I had long been interested in the hermit life of the peninsula and in the growing belief that the Gebel Musa was not the Mountain of the Law. The excavations at Serabit and the non-Egyptian character of the ancient hill sanctuary supplied new material for reflection. In the hours spent in sorting fragments of temple offerings and copying temple inscriptions, it occurred to me that we might be on the site which meant so much in the history of religion. Studies made after our return suggested further points of interest. The outcome is this little history which will. I trust, appeal to those who take an interest in the reconstruction of the past and in the successive stages of religious development.

Some contents of the book

Monument of Semerkhet in Sinai
the Pepys
Amen-em-hats and Sen-users
Hyksos Conquest
Time of Abraham and Joseph
Amen Hotep and Tahutmes
Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV),  time of Moses
Ramesses II

Author: Lina Eckenstein 
 Publication Date:1921

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