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What Nietzsche taught (1915)

It is no longer possible to ignore the teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche or to consider the trend of modern thought without giving the philosopher of the superman a prominent place in the list of thinkers who contributed to the store of present-day knowledge. His powerful and ruthless mind has had an influence on contemporary thought which even now, in the face of all the scholarly books of appreciation he has called forth, one is inclined to underestimate.

No philosopher since Kant has left so undeniable an imprint on modern thought. Even Schopenhauer, whose influence colored the greater part of Europe, made no such wide-spread impression. Nietzsche has penetrated into both England and America, two countries strangely impervious to rigorous philosophic ideals. Not only in ethics and literature do we find the molding hand of Nietzsche at work, invigorating and solidifying; but in pedagogics and in art, in politics and religion, the influence of his doctrines is to be encountered.

The books and essays in German elucidating his philosophy constitute a miniature library. Nearly as many books and articles have appeared in France, and the list of authors of these appreciations include many of the most noted modern scholars. Spain and Italy, likewise, have contributed works to an inquiry into his teachings; and in England and America, numerous volumes dealing with the philosophy of the superman have appeared in recent years. In M. A. Mugge's excellent biography, "Friedrich Nietzsche: His Life and Work," there is appended a bibliography containing 850 titles, and this list by no means includes all the books and articles devoted to a consideration of this philosopher's doctrines.

Contents of the book :

Introduction 9

I Biographical Sketch 19

II "Human, All-Too-Human," Vols. I and II. 45

III "The Dawn of Day" 86

IV "The Joyful Wisdom" 113

V "Thus Spake Zarathustra" 133

VI "The Eternal Recurrence" 167

VII "Beyond Good and Evil" 173

VIII "The Genealogy of Morals" 204

IX "The Twilight of the Idols" 231

X "The Antichrist" 250

XI "The Will to Power," Vol. I 275

XII "The Will to Power," Vol. II 301

Bibliography 331

Author: Willard Wright
Publication Date: 1915

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