The personal history of David Copperfield (1919) Free PDF novel By Charles Dickens

The personal history of David Copperfield Free PDF novel By Charles Dickens (1919) 

David Copperfield Free PDF novel

David Copperfield Free PDF novel

Excerpt from the introduction by G. K. Chesterton.

Perhaps the educational value of books has never been more tersely and forcibly expressed than in Carlyle's somewhat startling statement that "all a University can do for us is — teach us to read." Indeed, we have but an elementary notion, most of us, of how to read; that is, how to enjoy, digest, to extract the kernel from "The Best Books." Such teaching, if it constitutes the chief work of a University, is also the highest function of a critic.

Mr. Cedric Chivers has been for some years elaborating a novel and original scheme for presenting standard literature, and standard criticism, directed towards this very purpose; in a series of reprints which should afford the public a unique opportunity of reading old favorites with profit and pleasure. The Readers' Classics will contain the masterpieces of many kinds of literature, with Introductory matter, carefully edited for each volume, comprising the most suggestive critical appreciations by writers of every age and country. Each criticism will express an individual point of view, an interpretation, a reason for praise or censure; since mere eulogy, however enthusiastic, will not carry us far. We want to know why great men have loved certain books and what they found in them. It is believed that each reader may probably find here an interpretation peculiarly fitted to his temperament which, had he the skill to word it, might well have been his own. But whether, on independent reflection, we agree — or agree to differ, these comments will have set us thinking, have taught us to read.

It would be impossible, in a paragraph, to estimate the educational value of this unique material, or to enumerate the many advantages thus secured to the readers of any volume in the series. The personal equation, necessarily dominant in the usual introduction by one Editor, has been eliminated; and we have, not one sound guide, but many. The appreciations here selected are arranged in chronological order, so as to provide a historical outlook.

Author: Charles Dickens 
 Publication Date:(1919)

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