The garden of Allah - PDF Novel by Robert Hichens

The garden of Allah

The garden of Allah

After Domini Enfilden's mother had run away with another man, her Catholic father turned increasingly bitter and died an atheist. A brave young woman with a spiritual void, she goes alone to Africa 'the journey of the searcher who knew not what she sought.'

She meets Boris Androvsky, an awkward man obviously suffering from a painful secret, one which I guessed correctly pretty early on.

The Garden of Allah is the name the Arabs give to the desert. Domini is called to it, Boris comes to personify it for her and so she is drawn to him, despite how awkward and mysterious he is. She receives various warnings about him from a nobleman, a priest, and a sand diviner.

Author: Robert Hichens
 Publication Date:1907
company: New York : F.A. Stokes
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