The curse of tramp life - PDF book by Leon Ray Livingston

The curse of tramp life

The curse of tramp life

In presenting this, my third tramp-story to the public, I do so with the assurance that this book is absolutely suited to be read by the most delicate child as well as the most dainty lady, as not a single objectionable word nor phrase is written therein.

 It is certain to be of abounding interest to any person, young or old, as it gives the public an actual insight into the true life of the tramp, tearing to shreds the glamour thrown over his miserable existence by romance writers. Primarily, its object is to prove to boys and men of restless dispositions, that by their heeding the "Lure of the Wanderlust," they not only wreck their own futures, but very often the lives and happiness of their parents, and sometimes those of their families as well.

Secondarily: It shows to intending "runaways" what terrible punishment they must expect, should they be caught beating their way upon railroad trains.

 Thirdly: It calls the attention of the humanely inclined public to the class of penal institutions scattered from the Atlantic to the Pacific, which under the names of convict-quarries, convict-farms, convict-turpentine works, convict-lum.ber mills, etc., etc., only too often duplicate the terrible conditions 

I herein describe as existing in a "convict-chain-gang," in which murderers and runaway youths, hardened criminals and first offenders, are chained together and are treated in such a revoltingly inhumane manner, that instead of reforming them, by far a large majority are turned loose upon society, to wreak their vengeance for these absolutely unnecessary and senseless brutalities, which have been condemned and discontinued by all modern penal institutions.

  • Publication date:1912
  • Company: Erie, Penn. : The A-No. 1 Pub. Co.

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