Special Judo Self Defense Course - PDF Booklet by Joseph Weider

Special Judo Self Defense Course Free PDF Booklet

Special Judo Self Defense Course

Judo is a science, just as complete science as physics, chemistry, mathematics, or any other science you study at school. As a science, it must be thoroughly understood or it is nothing. And, like the science of the atom. It has both positive (good) and negative (bad) qualities. It helps or it can destroy. It is positive when it is used as a natural defense against attack.

It is negative when it is used to injure someone. In teaching you the science of Judo, as well as its deadly secrets, I want to impress upon you that you should think of it only as a knowledge of how to defend yourself or some person who needs protection. You never know when some bully, some thief, some armed man, or some mentally deranged person is liable to attack you.

Judo is of the greatest value in protecting you against a surprise attack, a "no-holds-barred" attack, or when you are greatly outnumbered by your attackers. This course will teach you the basic principles of Judo. It will show you how to take care of yourself when the occasion demands and how to "dish it out" when it is absolutely necessary for you to do so. 

However, I don't want you to use it to bully others, nor to "show off", nor to use it "just for him". You can seriously injure someone with it --you can easily break his bones or even kill him. So be careful, and use Judo only when you must really depend upon it. But you mustn't attempt even the first Judo principle unless — and until — you are in top physical condition. This means that you should have finished the regular Muscle Building Course you're working on now.

Author: Joseph Weider
 Publication Date:1959


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