A series of lessons in personal magnetism - (1901) pdf by William Atkinson

A series of lessons in personal magnetism, psychic influence, thought-force, concentration, will-power

Excerpt from the author\s introduction:

Injustice to myself, I think it well to state that this work has been somewhat hastily prepared from the notes used by me in certain of my lectures, the lessons given herein practically being the syllabi of the said lectures. In the lectures, and in this work, my one and only purpose has been to acquaint the student with the means of developing, and effectively using, the mighty forces latent within him — Personal Magnetism and Psychic Influence. To this end, I have sacrificed all pretensions to literary style, all attempts to secure felicity of diction. I felt that I had a message to deliver, and I endeavoured to deliver it promptly, clearly and plainly, without any attempt at *fine writing." If a homely word seemed to express my thought — I used it.

If a slang term or semi-slang phrase seemed to fit in — it went. I trust that my critics will spare themselves the trouble of pointing out my many defects of style and composition — I fully realize these things. I have subordinated everything else, in my endeavour to make this work plain and practical. This is an explanation, not an apology. With the above understanding between us, I submit this little work for your kind consideration. Whilst fully cognizant of its defects, I still feel that it will be helpful to some of the many who are endeavouring to overcome unfavourable environments; that it may serve as a guidepost, pointing out the path to better things. I feel that it will do its share of the work of removing Fearthought from the minds of men; of replacing "I can't'''' with "I can and I WILL." I feel that it must do these things, for it contains within it the germs of a mighty Truth.


Lesson I. Salutatory 9
Lesson II. The Nature of the Force 13
Lesson III. How Thought Force Can Aid You 18
Lesson IV. Direct Psychic Influence 22
Lesson V. A Little Worldly Wisdom 29
Lesson VI. The Power of the Eye 33
Lesson VII. The Magnetic Gaze 37^
Lesson VIII. The Volic Force 42
Lesson IX. Direct Violation 46
Lesson X. Telepathic Violation 56
Lesson XI. The Adductive Quality of Thought 64
Lesson XII. Character Building By Mental Control.... 72
Lesson XIII. The Art of Concentering 83
Lesson XIV. The Practice of Concentering 89
Lesson XV. Valedictory 95

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