A High Wind In Jamaica by Richard Hughes Free Novel (1932)

Download A High Wind In Jamaica by Richard Hughes Free Novel (1932)

Download A High Wind In Jamaica by Richard Hughes

A High Wind in Jamaica is a 1929 novel by the Welsh writer Richard Hughes,

A High Wind in Jamaica is written in quite extraordinary almost mysterious language:
“Not a breath of breeze even yet ruffled the water: yet momentarily it trembled of its own accord, shattering the reflections: then was glassy again. On that the children held their breath, waiting for it to happen.
A school of fish, terrified by some purely submarine event, thrust their heads right out of the water, swattering across the bay in an arrow rush, dashing up sparkling ripples with the tiny heave of their shoulders: yet after each disturbance all was soon like hardest, dark, thick, glass.”
In this novel Richard Hughes undertook a very special journey into the world of children’s consciousness therefore the book is unique.
“They gazed at him in astonishment and disillusion. There is a period in the relations of children with any new grown-up in charge of them, the period between first acquaintance and the first reproof, which can only be compared to the primordial innocence of Eden. Once a reproof has been administered, this can never be recovered again.”
An adult might think that he’s perfectly understood a child but he’s just formed in his mind his own conception that may have nothing to do with child’s thoughts.
Review by Vit Babenco

Author: Richard Hughes
 Publication Date:1932

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