Will Warburton: a romance of real-life (1905) PDF Novel by George Gissing

Will Warburton: a romance of real-life

Will Warburton: a romance of real-life (1905) Free Novel

Will Warburton: A Romance Of Real Life is the last novel of George Gissing, it was written while he was dying and was not published until 1905, two years after his death. I read this immediately after his novel "In The Year Of Jubilee" for no reason other than it was next on my bookshelf. I almost skipped over it because I found myself so annoyed with "In The Year Of Jubilee" I thought I might need a break from Gissing, but I thoroughly enjoyed "Will Warburton". I was often amused by the ideas of Will and the people around him. The books begin with Will Warburton returning to his home in London after a holiday in Switzerland with "the sea-wind in his hair, his eyes agleam with the fresh memory of Alpine snows". We are told he is a young man "three or four years on the green side of thirty".

It is clear that Will likes helping the less fortunate people with his money, and he likes his position in life, he likes having people depend on him and look up to him. However, Will is about to lose all he has and his life will change forever. Will is in partnership with Godfrey Sherwood, the sole representative of Sherwood Brothers and they own a sugar refinery. It says of Will

Author: George Gissing
 Publication Date: 1905

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