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The making of a merchant

The making of a merchant

COMMENT of any practical value on the subject of the mistakes most frequent among boys and young men entering on a business life is certain to meet with one criticism which may be epitomized in the single word "commonplace!" And why? Because these faults are so common that they are impressed on the attention of every large employer of labour, particularly in commercial lines, and he is compelled to reiterate them with emphasis and tiresome persistence. If they were less common, less universally recognized and uniformly disapproved by employers, their enumeration would not appeal to their victim as commonplace, stereotyped and uninteresting.

Occasionally, however, a boy or young man of sufficient character and receptivity is found who is willing and eager to profit by advice from those of long experience, even though it may be given in painfully familiar terms and may sound sage, tedious and "preachy." It is for the aspiring young men who are animated by this spirit of tractability


I. Laying the Foundation 9

II. Advancement in Business 19

III. The Qualities That Make a Merchant 32

IV. Details That Spell Success 48

V. Buying Merchandise 79

VI. The Treatment of Employees 86

VII. Department Store 96

VIII. Management of Department Stores 108


IX. The Qualifications of a Good Credit Man. 139

X. Difficulties and Dangers of Credit 159

XI. Rewards and Humor of the Credit Desk. 190

XII. The Storekeeper's Credits and Collections. 205

Publication date 1906
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